How to get the best Wedding Confetti Pictures

Your first moment to walk out into the world as a married couple – you want to do it in style right?

The Confetti shot is often my most requested photo … so the first thing I would stress is talk to your photographer!

It can often take a little bit of organisation & some help from the ushers to get everyone into the right spot – but trust me it’s worth it!

Confetti can make for some incredible photo opportunities … so, what should you think about to guarantee that amazing shot?

“Less is not more – more is more!”

First rule … you can never have enough! The more the better!

Almost everyone will forget to bring along that little box of tissue confetti so add to your list of things to do “BUY CONFETTI”

You can never quite predict the wind or people’s ability to throw in the right direction so make sure each guest gets a good handful

What type of Confetti should I buy?

A lot of the time – the type of confetti you are allowed and exactly where you can throw it will be dictated by your Venue or Church … most places now insist on natural, biodegradable confetti.

Natural, dried petals offer a wonderful array of choices to co ordinate with your colour themes and come in various sizes … smaller petals will give a good intense burst of coverage, whereas larger petals will generate a more gentle flutter so tend to stay around a bit longer.

Larger rose petals and hydrangea petals are amongst my favourites and can give amazing vivid blasts of colour.

wedding confetti ideas

Think outside the box – dried lavender gives an amazing scent to a confetti shower, woody herbs such as rosemary & thyme are also a great alternative especially if you have a very rustic & natural wedding theme.

Styled foliage such as eucalyptus or olive leaves are also a great ideas …

I have had so many weddings where couples have made their own confetti … roping in family members to help collect and dry out petals leading up to the wedding is a lovely way of adding a personal touch and involving people with the wedding planning.

Of course if your venue allows – artificial options such as confetti canons or even fake snow for a winter themed wedding can provide incredible effects!

And confetti doesn’t have to be reserved for the daytime … first dances are also a great time to celebrate in style (but of course make sure you check with your venue first and prep your photographers to be ready to capture it!)

Below are a few of my favourite Confetti moments … left – first dance at Wharfedale Grange, Harrogate, middle – Priory Cottages, Wetherby and their amazing confetti balcony and right – dramatic first dancing at Sandburn Hall, York

wedding confetti ideas

How to display Confetti …

I have seen so many creative ideas for handing out confetti … individual organza bags or pouches set on chairs or in baskets … personalised confetti cones or one huge bucket for guests to dive their hands in and get a good handful … however you do it – make sure everyone gets loads

wedding confettiwedding confetti

Finally … have fun & enjoy it! As a general rule where possible I always encourage my couples to parade down a walkway of confetti with guests lined at either side …

I find it makes for a much more fun and animated set of shots and gets great interaction and cheers from guests … sometimes standing still whilst people throw the confetti at you can feel a bit forced & awkward and couples never quite know what they should do …

So – how will you throw yours??

I hope you found this article useful? Head on over to my Wedding Planning Tips page for more wedding inspiration and advise …

what wedding confetti is best?

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