Jonny Draper Masterclass – The Lowry Theatre

Jonny Draper Masterclass – The Lowry Theatre


so i thought i’d start with a little quote…

“your master teacher knows all you need to learn,

the perfect timing for your learning it,

and the ideal way of teaching it to you,

you don’t create a master teacher – thats already been done

you discover your master teacher” [peter mcwilliams]

to me this quote sums up the essence of jonny draper and the journey I have been on since meeting him …

an absolute master at his craft and all around great guy!

last year i was lucky enough to attend his 2 day masterclass,

i can’t put into words how much i learnt and took away from the experience

so when the chance came up to attend a new masterclass in lighting & posing of course i jumped straight in..

and i wasn’t disappointed!

the fact it was finished off by a good old knees up was an added bonus

the styling was just stunning…huge thanks to the awesome team involved:

Emma at Love Bridal Boutique

Paisley Gamble Freelance Hairstylist 

Kerry Baker MUA

special thanks to Howard Wing for keeping up entertained…

and Andy Murphy for dropping the beats & providing an epic karaoke session!